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Limited information exists in the current medical literature regarding the performance of surgical cricothyrotomy by flight nurse personnel. We undertook a retrospective review of all flight records from our regional air ambulance service. The flight team transported 2,188 patients during this time; 69 patients required surgical cricothyrotomy for airway(More)
INTRODUCTION Limited information exists concerning physician staffing at mass gathering events. METHODS A retrospective review of the preparation, planning, and provision of medical care for the United States Air Show was performed. Patient encounters from the air show for the years 1981-1991 also were evaluated. RESULTS The frequency rate of overall(More)
OBJECTIVES 1) To determine if paramedics could select appropriate patients for use of the saline lock; 2) to evaluate saline-lock patency upon arrival at the emergency department (ED); and 3) to define any cost-savings associated with the use of the saline lock. POPULATION Patients in the prehospital setting who required intravenous (IV) access, but did(More)
Emergency Medical Services are an area of special interest in emergency medicine. Many emergency physicians are called upon to direct, train, or manage emergency medical services. Residents training in emergency medicine have a need for a defined curriculum in emergency medical services. Residency training should provide a basic foundation in EMS including(More)
This is a continuing series of objectives to direct resident training in emergency medicine. Electrocardiography may not receive individual attention in many training programs. However, the importance, omnipresence, and medicolegal potential of electrocardiography in the practice of emergency medicine suggests its individual attention. Contents and specific(More)
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  • 2017
1806. A letter from the Secretary, Department of Defense, transmitting a letter on the approved retirement of Lieutenant General Thomas J. Trask, United States Air Force, and his advancement to the grade of lieutenant general on the retired list, pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 1370(c)(1); Public Law 96-513, Sec. 112 (as amended by Public Law 104-106, Sec. 502(b));(More)
Interpretation of radiologic images is an essential skill for the emergency physician. This is the first of two sets of objectives for an off-service rotation in radiology. It covers the interpretation of plain films. The second series will address commonly used, but more sophisticated, imaging modalities including the use of contrast materials, ultrasound,(More)
Group A beta hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS) is a common pathogen in infections of skin, soft tissue structures, and muscle. Most infections, when recognized and treated appropriately, result in a benign course. The development of more virulent forms of this organism have resulted in severe life-threatening infections. The following case of an(More)
Administrative knowledge and skills are essential for the emergency physician. This is the 12th article in a continuing series of "off-service" goals and objectives. It outlines a mechanism for conveying important points of Emergency Medicine Administration to the EM III resident. The article includes materials describing the Administrative Content, Goals(More)