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BACKGROUND Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common, treatable cause of stroke. Screening is recommended at influenza vaccination ('flu') clinics, but not implemented nationally. OBJECTIVES We aimed to determine if screening for AF by pulse assessment of those aged ≥ 65 years attending flu vaccination is effective, practical and feasible. The success of(More)
Natural to natural DNA sequencing has achieved high degree of accuracies in existing visualization and alignment techniques. This dementia brain research on animals used motif matching techniques in the natural to computer generated artificial DNA sequencing. The natural DNA sequence of dementia brain in a rat was extracted and visualized at the DNA(More)
The usage of video streaming over the wireless devices especially the smart mobile phone is growing very rapidly. However to maintain the quality of service is a challenging tasks. The parameters such as Delay, Packet Loss and Jitter play important roles in ensuring the quality of video streaming over WLAN. In this paper, the performance of video streaming(More)
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