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Using correlated light and electron microscopic preembedding enkephalin immunocytochemistry combined with post-embedding GABA immunogold staining, we found morphological evidence of a direct connection between the enkephalinergic and GABAergic systems in the rat hippocampus. Enkephalin-immunoreactive boutons were found to be presynaptic to(More)
The occurrence and distribution of four opioid peptides (methionine-enkephalin /met-enk/, leucine-enkephalin /leu-enk/, dynorphin-A /dyn-A/, dynorphin-B /dyn-B/) were studied and compared in the subregions and layers of the hippocampi of four rodent species (rat, mouse, hamster and guinea-pig) by means of pre-embedding immunocytochemistry in order to reveal(More)
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