M. Ezhilarasan

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Block matching motion estimation was one of the most important modules in the design of any video encoder. It consumed more than 85% of video encoding time due to searching of a candidate block in the search window of the reference frame. To minimize the search time on block matching, a simplified and efficient Block Matching Algorithm for Fast Motion(More)
A biometric system uniquely identifies and authenticates humans based on their physical or behavioural features. Iris recognition is one of the most reliable methods of biometric authentication that recognizes a person by pattern of the iris. No two irises are alike-not between identical twins, or even between the left eye and the right eye of the same(More)
Fingerprint recognition refers to the automated method of verifying a match between two human fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of many forms of biometrics used to identify an individual and verify their identity. The non-changeability of Fingerprints during the human life span and the uniqueness of each individual's fingerprints are the basis for using(More)
As there is an enormous development and escalation in the field of computing technologies for the biometric based systems. Hence, they have become more convenient to be embedded to a variety of devices and also they are affordable to a very less cost and are used in daily life say, laptops, mobiles, key pads, palmtops and etc., and hence allowing these(More)
Biometrics is used for authentication purpose. Among the various types of biometrics, fingerprint is the most widely accepted biometrics. Biometric systems have several advantages when compared to classical methods such as passwords. Biometric system is vulnerable to various types of attacks. This paper proposes a method to avoid the sensor level attack.(More)