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This paper describes a novel feature subset selection algorithm, which utilizes a genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize the output nodes of trained artificial neural network (ANN). The new algorithm does not depend on the ANN training algorithms or modify the training results. The two groups of weights between inputhidden and hidden-output layers are extracted(More)
The ability to intelligently collect, manage and analyze information about customers and sellers is a key source of competitive advantage for an e-business. This ability provides an opportunity to deliver real time marketing or services that strengthen customer relationships. This also enables an organization to gather business intelligence about a customer(More)
— The rights and duties of both staff members and students are regulated by a large and different numbers of legal regulations and rules. This large number of rules and regulations makes the decision-making process time consuming and error boring. Smart advisory systems could provide rapid and accurate advices to managers and give the arguments for these(More)
The present paper introduces a new destructive algorithm for rule extraction based on a trained neural network. The degree of complexity of neural network increases exponentially as a factor of the numbers of input and hidden nodes. Therefore, the dimensionality of the trained neural network is reduced by using a proposed destructive algorithm to extract(More)
Biometric based person identity verification is gaining more and more attention. Several studies have shown that multimodal biometric identification systems improve the recognition accuracy and reliability compared with recognition using a single biometric. The present paper introduces a new personal identification framework that is based on the fusion of(More)
The learning process is a process of communication and interaction between the teacher and his students on one side and between the students and each others on the other side. Interaction of the teacher with his students has a great importance in the process of learning and education. The pattern and style of this interaction is determined by the(More)