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Soil moisture was recently included in the list of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) that are deemed essential for IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) needs and considered feasible for global observation. ECVs data records should be as long, complete and consistent as possible,(More)
The HILT sensor has been designed to measure heavy ion elemental abundances, energy spectra, and direction of incidence in the mass range from helium to iron and in the energy range 4 to 250 MeV/nucleou. With its large geometric factor of 60 cm'sr the sensor is optimized to provide compositional and spectral measurements for low intensity cosmic rays, Le.(More)
Among the usual constraints of (1,1) supergravity in d = 2 the condition of vanishing bosonic torsion is dropped. Using the inverse supervierbein and the superconnection considerably simplifies the formidable computational problems. It allows to solve the constraints for those fields before taking into account the (identically fulfilled) Bianchi identities.(More)
The quantization of the non-commutative N = 1, U(1) super-Yang–Mills action is performed. We calculate the one-loop corrections to the self-energy of the super vector field. Although the power-counting theorem predicts quadratic ultraviolet and infrared divergences, there are actually only logarithmic UV and IR divergences unless one chooses the Wess–Zumino(More)
Acknowledgments I am deeply indebted to my supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Kummer for his courage to attack quantum gravity from a field theoretical point of view while being able of encouraging me to join the battle, and for recognizing good ideas while having them himself. Also the organization of the FWF project establishing the financial support of this(More)
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