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Information security and privacy in the healthcare sector is an issue of growing importance. The adoption of digital patient records, increased regulation, provider consolidation and the increasing need for information exchange between patients, providers and payers, all point towards the need for better information security. We critically survey the(More)
Large financial firms with thousands of employees face many challenges ensuring workers have access to the right information, yet controlling access to unneeded data. We examine the problems of role lifecycle management and entitlement review processes in the context of large financial institutions. We describe observations from field study research in both(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the use of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and electronic medication administration records (eMAR) is associated with better quality of medication administration at medium-to-large acute-care hospitals. DATA/STUDY SETTING: A retrospective cross-sectional analysis of data from three sources: CPOE/eMAR usage from HIMSS(More)
Peer-to-peer file sharing is a growing security risk for firms and individuals. Users who participate in these networks to share music, pictures, and video are subject to many security risks including inadvertent publishing of private information, exposure to viruses and worms, and the consequences of spyware. In this paper, we examine the peer-to-peer file(More)
In this article, we seek to identify the effects of security investments that arise from previous failures or external regulatory pressure. Building on organizational learning theory, this study focuses on the healthcare sector where legislation mandates breach disclosure and detailed data on security investments are available. Using a Cox proportional(More)
This paper describes a visual social browser for exploring the evolution of social networks over time. We consider the exchange of e-mails between actors as an approximation of social ties. Our system analyzes the dynamic progression of communication patterns of e-mail traffic within groups of individuals. It combines a discrete visualization view, a(More)