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The web is having a significant impact on how firms interact with each other and their customers. Past stumbling blocks for supply chain integration such as high transaction costs between partners, poor information availability, and the challenges of managing complex interfaces between functional organizations are all dissolving on the web. In this paper,(More)
In this article, we seek to identify the effects of security investments that arise from previous failures or external regulatory pressure. Building on organizational learning theory, this study focuses on the healthcare sector where legislation mandates breach disclosure and detailed data on security investments are available. Using a Cox proportional(More)
Large financial firms with thousands of employees face many challenges ensuring workers have access to the right information, yet controlling access to unneeded data. We examine the problems of role lifecycle management and entitlement review processes in the context of large financial institutions. We describe observations from field study research in both(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the feasibility of delivering a structured physical therapy (PT) program as part of a multidisciplinary intervention to patients undergoing outpatient radiation therapy for advanced cancer. DESIGN A single-blinded, randomized, controlled trial at a quaternary medical center outpatient clinic. One hundred three adults undergoing(More)
PURPOSE The primary goal of this study was to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of a structured, multidisciplinary intervention targeted to maintain the overall quality of life (QOL), which is more comprehensive than psychosocial distress, of patients undergoing radiation therapy for advanced-stage cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Radiation therapy(More)
There is no one established approach to the measurement of spiritual quality of life (QOL). Available instruments are based on various theoretical components. We used a multi-instrument approach to measure the spiritual domain of QOL that adds to our understanding of a participant self-definition of spiritual QOL. In total, 103 participants with advanced(More)
In this paper, we examine the impact of eProcurement and strategic alliances on corporate sourcing strategies. We present a framework we developed to help managers focus on the relevant issues for sourcing decisions. We illustrate the framework with different types of sourcing relationships in practice and provide advice on what type of relationship may be(More)
BACKGROUND Psychosocial interventions often address only 1 domain of quality of life (QOL), are offered to patients with early-stage cancer, do not include the caregiver, and are delivered after cancer treatment has been completed. METHODS In the current randomized controlled trial, 131 patients with advanced cancer who received radiotherapy and their(More)