M. Engin Tozal

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This paper presents a network layer Internet topology collection tool called tracenet. Compared to traceroute, tracenet can collect a more complete topology information on an end-to-end path. That is, while traceroute returns a list of IP addresses each representing a router on a path, tracenet attempts to return all the IP addresses assigned to the(More)
Internet topology mapping studies utilize large scale topology maps to analyze various characteristics of the Internet. IP alias resolution, the task of mapping IP addresses to their corresponding routers, is an important task in building such topology maps. In this paper, we present a new probe-based IP alias resolution tool called palmtree. Palmtree can(More)
XSLT is a transformation language mainly used for converting XML documents to HTML or other formats. Due to its simplicity and flexibility XML has replaced traditional EDI file formats. Most e-business applications store data in XML, convert XML into HTML using XSTL, and publish the HTML documents to the web. Web document classification deals with(More)
—In this work, we propose techniques to attain visibility into an arbitrary Internet subnetwork that is responsive to indirect probes but not to direct probes. By probing the network from a small number of selected vantage points, we are able to collect information about network-layer topology which would otherwise be hidden from measurement due to rate(More)
Telesurgical Robot Systems (TRSs) have been the focus of research in academic , military, and commercial domains for many years. Contemporary TRSs address mission critical operations emerging in extreme fields such as battlefields, underwater , and disaster territories. The lack of wirelined communication infrastructure in such fields makes the use of(More)
Network layer Internet topology consists of a set of routers connected to each other through subnets. Recently, there has been a significant interest in studying topological characteristics of subnets in addition to routers in the Internet. However, given the size of the Internet, constructing complete subnet level topology maps is neither practical nor(More)
—Studying structural and functional characteristics of large scale graphs (or networks) has been a challenging task due to the related computational overhead. Hence, most studies consult to sampling to gather necessary information to estimate various features of these big networks. On the other hand, using a best effort approach to graph sampling within the(More)