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The authors describe a novel configuration for a wavelength selectable laser that provides wide tuning and distributed-feedback (DFB) performance and reliability at a fundamentally low cost structure. The configuration consists of a DFB laser array and a micromechanical mirror that selects one element of the array. The MEMS tilt mirror also loosens the(More)
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We present high-yield efficient distributed-feedback lasers with excellent wavelength control. An array of 12 lasers with highly reflecting/antireflecting facets is fabricated on a single chip with precisely controlled variations in the grating period or phase relative to the facets. The stripe that best meets requirements is selected for bonding. From 200(More)
We demonstrate a compact tunable chirp managed laser (CML) comprising a radio-frequency switch, a directly modulated distributed feedback laser array, a microelectromechanical systems mirror, and an optical filter and obtain error-free transmission performance over 30 nm at 10.7 Gb/s up to 200 km without electrical dispersion compensation (EDC) or optical(More)
A widely tunable 2.5-Gb/s modulated source using a distributed feedback (DFB) array and electroabsorption (EA) modulators is demonstrated. In order to overcome the optical bandwidth limitation of a single modulator, a 12 element array of modulators with varying bandgaps is integrated with a corresponding DFB array at different wavelengths. Selective area(More)
Low-ridge, thin p-clad InGaAs single-quantum-well (SQW) lasers with shiny Au contacts have been fabricated using a pulsed anodic oxidation technique. Although the ridge is very low (130 nm), the lateral refractive index step is sufficiently large to provide strong lateral waveguiding. Pulsed current measurements of threshold current, operating wavelength,(More)
Lasers diodes having a large transverse spot size have been fabricated from a modified graded index separate confinement heterostructure with an active region consisting of two 70 /spl Aring/ Al/sub 0.15/In/sub 0.10/Ga/sub 0.75/As strained quantum wells. The catastrophic optical damage threshold for these large transverse mode devices is increased by more(More)
Thin p-clad InGaAs quantum-well (QW) lasers with either Au or Ni as the p-contact metal have been fabricated. Due to reduced contact reflectivity, the Ni contact lasers hare significantly higher threshold currents and lower slope efficiencies than the Au contact lasers. In addition, operating wavelength differences greater than 50 mn are observed for cavity(More)