M. Els Bakker

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To explore if change in the extent of emphysema correlated with change in lung function, the effect of resection of emphysematous tissue was studied by computed tomography (CT) densitometry. In addition, the current authors studied how surgery-induced change in emphysema related to lung density in control subjects. In total, 30 patients (14 females;(More)
For multi atlas-based segmentation approaches, a segmentation fusion scheme which considers local performance measures may be more accurate than a method which uses a global performance measure. We improve upon an existing segmentation fusion method called SIMPLE and extend it to be localized and suitable for multi-labeled segmentations. We demonstrate the(More)
Pulmonary fissures are important landmarks for recognition of lung anatomy. In CT images, automatic detection of fissures is complicated by factors like intensity variability, pathological deformation and imaging noise. To circumvent this problem, we propose a derivative of stick (DoS) filter for fissure enhancement and a post-processing pipeline for(More)
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