M. Elisabete F. Silva

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A group of 13 consecutive regularly menstruating women who gained at least 5 kg the previous year (Group I) was compared to a control group of similar age, parity, and social class (Group II). The two groups were similar in estimated and observed food intakes; pre- and postprandial gastrin levels; hourly 24-h profiles of cortisol and insulin; urinary(More)
Results of an online questionnaire probing audiologists' professional education and clinical practices in central auditory processing and its disorders are reported. Respondents demonstrated scant knowledge of the efficiency of central auditory tests and procedures; however, they were rather consistent in reporting more frequent use of tests and procedures(More)
“Masseiras” is an ancient Portuguese agriculture system, where soil was developed from sand dunes enriched with seaweeds over more than a century. Due to the importance for the local economy, this system evolved for greenhouse structures. In this study we compared the bacterial community composition and structure of “Masseiras” soil, aiming at assessing the(More)
DEDICATION To my late grandparents, Mario and Mary Silva, and my late grandaunt, Laurinda Figueiredo. v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I would like thank my advisor, Dr. Brett Towler, for his dedication and support. Without his guidance and leadership this dissertation would not have been possible. Next, I would like to thank my committee members, Dr.(More)
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