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The work that is presented in this document is patent-pending and use, distribution or disclosure of any part of it requires a written permission of the author. (Abstract) Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs) are networks in which the participating nodes can move freely without having to worry about maintaining a direct connection to any particular fixed access(More)
The Software Visualization (SV) discipline investigates approaches and techniques for static and dynamic graphical representations of algorithms, programs (code) and the processed data. SV is concerned primarily with analysis of programs and their development. The goal is to improve our understanding of inherently invisible and intangible software,(More)
— The maximum likelihood (ML) and suboptimum ML (S-ML) detectors are derived in the first order moving average model. The ML and S-ML detectors are employed in the antipodal signaling system, and compared in terms of the bit-error-rate in impulsive environment. Numerical results show that the S-ML detector, despite reduced complexity and simpler structure,(More)
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