M. El-Hajjar

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In this paper we propose an iteratively detected Sphere Packing (SP) aided Differential Space-Time Spreading (DSTS) scheme using a Recursive Systematic Convolutional (RSC) code, for protecting the soft-bit assisted AdaptiveMulti RateWideband (AMR-WB) decoder’s bitstream, which is also protected by a novel over-complete source-mapping scheme. The convergence(More)
This paper presents a novel differentially encoded space-time spreading (DSTS) scheme using four transmit antennas that can be readily combined with PSK, QAM, as well as sphere packing (SP) modulation schemes. The advocated SP-aided system has simple encoding and decoding algorithms that requires no channel knowledge and outperforms the DSTS dispensing with(More)
In this paper we present a novel system that invokes jointly optimised iterative sourceand channel-decoding for enhancing the error resilience of the Adaptive Multi Rate WideBand (AMR-WB) speech codec. The resultant AMR-WB coded speech signal is protected by a Recursive Systematic Convolutional (RSC) code and transmitted using a non-coherently detected(More)
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