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Biotherapies have revolutionized the treatment of RA. However, much work is needed to understand all the mechanisms of these biotherapies, and alternatives are needed to circumvent adverse effects and the high cost of these long-lasting treatments. In this article we outline some of the approaches we have used to target monocytes/macrophages as major(More)
Human papillomaviruses (HPV) cause a variety of mucosal and skin lesions ranging from benign proliferations to invasive carcinomas. The clinical manifestations of infection are determined by host-related factors that define the natural anti-HPV barrier. Key elements of this barrier are the EVER1 and EVER2 proteins, as deficiency in either one of the EVER(More)
Dendrimers are highly branched "tree-like" polymers that have demonstrated therapeutic potential in drug delivery, medical imaging, and tissue engineering in recent years. In addition, we have shown that an azabisphosphonate (ABP)-capped dendrimer selectively targets monocytes and directs them toward anti-inflammatory activation. We explored this property(More)
Dendrimers are polyfunctional nano-objects of perfectly defined structure that can provide innovative alternatives for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS). To investigate the efficiency of a recently described amino-bis(methylene phosphonate)-capped ABP dendrimer as a potential drug candidate for MS, we used the(More)
Dendrimers are polybranched and polyfunctionalized tree-like polymers. Unlike linear polymers, they have perfectly defined structure and molecular weight, due to their iterative step-by-step synthesis. Their multivalent structure and supramolecular properties have made them attractive nanotools for applications, particularly in biology and medicine. Among(More)
Large reservoir simulation is computationally challenging. High resolution reservoir models provide necessary realism in heterogeneous reservoirs. Large number of simulations of such models is necessary in reducing uncertainties in reservoir characterizations and creating efficient field development plans. To meet such challenges, Saudi Aramco, the world's(More)
Standard high performance clusters (HPC) are being extensively used for solving computationally intensive problems in various scientific fields, one of which is the field of reservoir simulation. In our work, we expand the conventional HPC systems to run larger reservoir simulations on a heterogeneous grid of HPCs. This expansion is accomplished by(More)
The present study was carried out to assess the reproductive performance of Farafra ewes--a breed with potential economic importance in the subtropics. A total of 262 ewes were categorized according to age, parity, and postpartum interval. Ewes were introduced for breeding in fall, winter and late spring seasons. Fertility, prolificacy, lamb birth weight,(More)
  • A Ali, M Hayder
  • 2008
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of breeding season [late spring (LSP) vs winter (WIN)] on reproductive performances, foetal development and progesterone (P(4)) concentrations of sheep in the subtropics. Ewes of Farafra breed were exposed for mating in LSP (n = 79) and WIN (n = 45). Ultrasonographic examinations were performed at(More)