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The problem of transient stability assessment and its difficulties are explained. An expert system using a neural network that is appropriate for determination of transient stability of power systems is discussed in the paper. This neural network is applied to determine the critical clearing times in a disturbed power system. Applications of this method and(More)
In this article, a new approach for power system dynamic stability assessment has been presented. The proposed approach is based on standard Fuzzy ARTMAP discussed in our previous paper [1] and its modified version called PROBART (Probability ART). Besides Fuzzy ARTMAP, Neural architecture with probability Fuzzy ARTMAP is considered as a modified Fuzzy(More)
In this article, two different types of neural network architectures namely multilayer perceptron and Fuzzy ARTMAP neural network are compared in an application to a power system problem. In order to evaluate the ability of these two neural networks, the power system dynamic stability problem has been considered and the performance and deterioration of the(More)
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