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The impact of low hemoglobin levels on the work performance of 74 rural Nepali villagers was examined with a 3 minute exercise step test. Work output was standardized at 75 watts for men and 55 watts for women. Hemoglobin values ranged from 4.2-15.7 g/dl, and averaged 12.0 ± 2.7 g/dl for 35 men and 10.9 ± 1.72 g/dl for 39 women. Low hemoglobin levels(More)
Minute-by-minute heart-rate recordings over a period of 24 hours were obtained once for each of a group of 29 elderly women, 14 of whom lived in private accommodation, and 15 of whom lived in institutionalized homes for the aged. Activity diaries were kept on the subjects during the measurement period. A comparison of individual 24-hour profiles, diaries,(More)
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