M. Eelsalu

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This study explores the potential of joint use of terrestrial (TLS) and airborne laser scanning (ALS) to quantify rapid and spatially inhomogeneous changes to the subaerial beach and to characterize the intensity of coastal processes. This remote sensing technology that uses scanning laser pulses for acquiring high-resolution three-dimensional surface of(More)
The basic properties of wave fields in the Gulf of Riga, the third largest semi-enclosed sub-basin of the Baltic Sea, are evaluated using recently digitized records of coastal visual wave observations from the island of Ruhnu (57°47' N, 23°15'32” E) in the central part of the gulf and from a site near the south-eastern tip of the(More)
The purpose of the study is to quantify the remote impact of wakes from fast ferries on the relocation of coarse gravel (diameter 1-2.5 cm), pebbles (2.5-5 cm) and cobbles (5-10 cm), The study site is at the coast of the island of Aegna in Tallinn Bay. Experiments were performed in the calm season (JuneJuly 2013) when the majority of gravel and pebbles were(More)
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