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Objective: Videofluoroscopy was used to compare drinking from a cup with drinking through straws of two varying bore diameters in different positions in the mouth.Design: Clinical study at a single centre. Setting: UK dental school.Subjects and methods: Twenty patients showing clinical signs of erosion which had necessitated advice and/or(More)
Fig. 2A-D. Radiographic appearance. A Dense base of the skull with large anterior fontanelle and well-ossified upper cervical vertebrae. B The bones are well ossified. Note metaphyseal spurring with mid-metaphyseal protrusion. C The humeri are shortened with periosteal thickening at the outer margin and a triradiate appearance of the proximal metaphyses.(More)
Short wavelength extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lasers pumped by electron collisional excitation in plasmas irradiated by infra-red lasers have achieved saturated output down to wavelengths as short as 5.9 nm and are now used for applications. These lasers operate without mirrors with output due to amplified spontaneous emission (ASE). The beam profiles consist(More)
Recent experimental work on the development of extreme ultraviolet lasers undertaken using as the pumping source the VULCAN laser at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is compared to detailed simulations. It is shown that short duration (/spl sim/picosecond) pumping can produce X-ray laser pulses of a few picosecond duration and that measurement of the(More)
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