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This paper is mainly devoted to the study of the so-called full Lipschitzian stability of local solutions to finite-dimensional parameterized problems of constrained optimization, which has been well recognized as a very important property from both viewpoints of optimization theory and its applications. Based on second-order generalized differential tools(More)
The paper presents complete characterizations of Lipschitzian full stability of locally optimal solutions to problems of second-order cone programming (SOCP) expressed entirely in terms of their initial data. These characterizations are obtained via appropriate versions of the quadratic growth and strong second-order sufficient conditions under the(More)
The main goal of this paper is to develop applications of advanced tools of first-order and second-order variational analysis and generalized differentiation to the fundamental notion of full stability of local minimizers of general classes of constrained optimization and minimax problems. In particular, we derive second-order characterizations of full(More)
Approved By: ———————————————————– Advisor Date ———————————————————– ———————————————————– ———————————————————– ———————————————————– DEDICATION To my parents ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It would be impossible to adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for my advisor, Professor Boris Mordukhovich. His ceaseless devotion, support, and encouragement has been(More)
Software testing is a crucial but cost consuming practice in the development of safety critical software-intensive systems. In industry software testing techniques are chosen heuristically rather than scientifically. Researchers have studied for many years which test method is more efficient and effective in an industrial setting. Nevertheless, test design(More)
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