M E Yates

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This article explores the relationships between caregiving stressors and caregiver well-being in a representative community sample of disabled elders and their informal caregivers. The direct and indirect effects of stressors and potential mediators on the outcome of caregiver psychological well-being, as measured by depression, were examined using path(More)
The neurosecretory bag cells of the mollusk, Aplysia, generate a peptide egg-laying hormone (ELH) from a 29,000 Dalton precursor protein by proteolytic cleavage to a 6-9,000 Dalton intermediate, followed by cleavage of the intermediate. We report here the initial characterization of these cleavage activities. Homogenates of bag cells in low ionic strength(More)
The effects of the sodium ionophore monensin were examined in the bag cells of Aplysia californica in order to identify the subcellular sites of processing of precursors to their neurosecretory products. Incubation of bag cells in media containing 10 microM monensin led to a marked disruption of the morphology of the Golgi apparatus without affecting that(More)
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