M E Whitehouse

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We studied the distribution of migratory warblers (genus: Sylvia) in poor and high quality habitat patches at a stopover site in the northern Negev, Israel. The purpose of our study was to test predictions based on the ideal free distribution (IFD) model by using a natural ecosystem which has a high turnover of individuals moving between unfamiliar foraging(More)
Argyrodes antipodiana is a kleptoparasitic spider that builds its own web around the webs of other, larger host species. Males are more prone to have contests on webs of conspecific females than on webs of conspecific males. Males are also more likely to escalate interactions when on the females' webs than on males' webs, consistent with predictions from(More)
The literature on the role of chlorine treatment of flour for use in high-ratio cake production is discussed in relation to current knowledge of cereal chemistry and cake technology. A brief perspective of the present use of chlorine in high-ratio cake flours is included. Investigations of the uptake of gaseous chlorine by flour and its distribution among(More)
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