M E Werdler

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A PCR for the detection of Taylorella equigenitalis, the causative agent of contagious equine metritis, was developed and evaluated. A genus-specific primer-probe set was derived from the 16S ribosomal DNA sequences. The PCR was specific and amplified a 585-bp product from all 64 available T. equigenitalis isolates. This PCR product hybridized with a(More)
In nine healthy dwarf goats there were significantly higher serum concentrations of ampicillin after it was injected into the lateral neck muscles than after it was injected into the thigh. During fever, induced with Escherichia coli endotoxin, the rate of absorption of ampicillin from shivering muscles was faster, resulting in significantly higher serum(More)
The first observation of an outbreak of mastitis, caused by Mycoplasma bovis, in a dairy herd in the Netherlands is reported. The symptoms closely resembled those reported in the literature as being typical of mastitis due to Mycoplasma. The strain isolated was found to be sensitive to amongst others nifuroquine in vitro. Repeated intramammary application(More)
To facilitate monitoring of culture media, a simple quantitative streaking technique, implying ever-decreasing numbers of colony-forming units per surface area, as in spiral plating, was developed. The procedure evaluates, in quantitative terms, the ability of media (1) to support the formation of colonies by organisms that it was designed to grow and (2)(More)
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