M. E. Waite

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In 1987 the UK Government banned the use of tributyl tin (TBT)-based antifouling paints on small boats of less than 25 m. Following initial control measures taken in 1986, a program of research was started to monitor concentrations of TBT residues in estuarine waters and sediments and to observe faunistic changes in highly contaminated estuaries. As part of(More)
required to think at two completely different levels of concern. We therefore advocate a fine-grained approach to parallelism and special-purpose hardware to support it. In particular we propose direct support for parallel reduction of SK-combinator graphs. Special-purpose serial hardware has been designed for the support of SK-combinator graph reduction(More)
Obesity rates are approaching epidemic proportions and are a significant factor in annual health care costs. In addition to cardiovascular comorbidities, the presence of diabetes and/or chronic pain is extremely high in this population of individuals. It is now well accepted that the cells of the innate (and adaptive) immune system mediate both acute and(More)
Each year, millions of rats undergo surgery for research purposes and receive analgesics to alleviate pain. We sought to evaluate the efficacy of common analgesics in tests of hot-plate nociception and postsurgical pain by using the Rat Grimace Scale. Rats received a single dose of one of several drug-dose combinations and were tested by using the hot-plate(More)
Understanding the meaning of others' actions involves mentally simulating those actions by oneself. Embodied theories of language espouse a prominent role for motor simulation in reading comprehension, especially when words, sentences, or narratives portray everyday actions. Inherent in these actions is the level of agency of the actor. Motor cortex(More)