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When we search for images in multimedia documents, we often have in mind specific image types that we are interested in; examples are photographs, graphics, maps, cartoons, portraits of people, and so on. This paper describes an automated system that classifies Web images as photographs or graphics. The design of the system is based on statistical(More)
In this minireview we summarize the characteristics of 9 different use cases prototypical of complex systems simulations. Problems like social behavior, gene regulatory networks, molecular simulations and supply chain all share a common structure. They can be classified according to their computational needs in a way suitable for implementation in a(More)
A newly developed procedure for total cardiac denervation employing cryosurgical techniques is described. Thirty-three dogs underwent cryosurgical cardiac denervation. Twenty-seven survived the procedure and were divided into three groups. Completeness of denervation was evaluated by recording hemodynamic responses to sodium nitroprusside-induced(More)
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