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In five patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging of the knee after athletic injuries, the authors identified a vacuum phenomenon that simulated medial meniscal or joint compartment cartilaginous abnormality. A cadaveric knee was injected with air, and the findings were re-created. The presence of air or gas between the articular surfaces of the tibia(More)
The signals and artifacts in cerebral blood vessels were systematically studied using a new three-dimensional Fourier transform (3DFT) technique, spoiled gradient recalled acquisition in steady state (SPGR), with parameters optimized for T1-weighted brain imaging. Twenty consecutive patients referred for routine cranial MR imaging were prospectively studied(More)
In summary, chondrosarcoma arising in an osteochondroma is a difficult diagnosis to establish on radiological-morphological grounds, especially in low grade lesions. A patient with a painful, enlarging exostosis usually comes to require resection even in the absence of radiographic hallmarks of malignancy. Although many osteochondromas complicated by bursal(More)
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