M E Schiavi

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Summary To determine normal levels of transepidermal water loss (TEWL), capacitance and sebum according to different sex and age groups, 93 healthy subjects were studied at 14 different anatomical locations with three different instruments: the Evaporimeter EP 1, the Corneometer CM 820, and the Sebumeter SM 810, evaluating respectively the transepidermal(More)
BACKGROUND No literature data are available on the skin reactivity of patients with respiratory atopy alone. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to assess skin reactivity to detergents in patients with allergic asthma, rhinitis, or both. METHODS The skin of the volar aspect of the forearm of 19 subjects with allergic asthma or rhinitis (or both) was challenged(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The possibility of identifying allergic reactions while they are not clinically evident could prove extremely useful in studying the evolution of skin responses in experimentally-induced contact dermatitis. In drug research and in cosmetological research, the sensitizing properties of new molecules or haptens present in the product in a low(More)
Dithranol (D) is used as a therapeutic topical agent to treat psoriasis, although it produces inflammation and staining of skin and clothing. D-induced irritation has been evaluated by visual scoring and by bioengineering techniques, evidencing modifications of the inflammatory parameters, but no alterations of the skin barrier. The aim of our study was to(More)
5 non-disperse azo dyes, used for colouring natural fibers, were added to the standard patch test series, as 5% pet. preparations. 1814 consecutive patients attending the patch test clinic were patch tested, of whom 16 (0.88%) reacted to the newly added dyes: 8 to Direct Orange 34, 5 to Acid Yellow 61, 2 to Acid Red 359 and 1 to Acid Red 118. On the basis(More)
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