M. E. S. Mendes

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Thispaperdiscusseshowavariablepedagogicalmodel can be supported in a network based teaching and learningenvironment.Thisworkisbeingdevelopedas part of the EU/IST project, CANDLE (Collaborative andNetwork-basedDistributedLearningEnvironment), developing re-usable network based learning material. Onlinematerialforlearningtakesseveralformssuchas notes pages,(More)
In this paper we present an approach to organize Web-accessible courseware according to knowledge domains, by means of fuzzy clustering. A new modified version of the Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm that employs a non-Euclidean metric is proposed and some preliminary trials with the new metric are presented. The experimental results show that the(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze changes in the aging process of institutionalized elderly over a 24 months period, including physical condition, fear of falling, and body composition. METHOD A longitudinal, analytic and prospective study was implemented in 3 residential care homes for seniors. Data were collected using a socio-demographic and clinical(More)
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