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BACKGROUND Aggressive behaviours represent major obstacles to the integration into society of individuals with intellectual disability (ID) and pose significant management issues for carers. METHODS The present study assessed the prevalence and severity of five types of aggressive behaviours in 3165 adult men and women with ID receiving services from(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the heterogeneity in aggressive behaviours observed among individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID), little attention has been paid to the identification of typologies of aggression among individuals with mild or moderate ID and their associated factors. OBJECTIVE The goal of the present study was to identify profiles of(More)
This case report describes a set of monozygotic twins with severe intellectual disability, autism and affective disorder with a balanced translocation between chromosomes 4 and 12. Their mother, who carries the same balanced translocation, had severe postnatal depression. The association between autism affective disorder and these chromosome break points(More)
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