M. E. Olson

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Experimental subjects were exposed to prism-induced visual displacement of a target whose location was correctly given by proprioceptive-kinesthetic information. Control subjects were exposed alternately to visual displacement or proprioceptive-kinesthetic location information. During the adaptation period, experimental subjects in the visual attention(More)
Five patients with a demyelinating disorder and associated amyloid angiopathy are presented. The disease affected middle-aged individuals, pursued a fluctuating course, and ended in progressive, fatal deterioration of the central nervous system. Neurologic findings indicated multiple lesions within the neuraxis; profound dementia was prominent in all cases.(More)
Development of drug treatments for obstructive sleep-disordered breathing has been impeded by the lack of animal models. The obese pig may be a suitable animal model, as it has been reported to experience sleep-disordered breathing resembling human obstructive sleep apnea. The purpose of this paper is to describe in detail techniques for chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Castration is one of the most common procedures performed on beef and dairy cattle. The objective of the study was to determine the efficacy of meloxicam oral suspension in reducing pain and inflammation in calves following band or surgical castration. METHODS Two identical trials with the exception of the method of castration (Band Castration(More)
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