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One-dimensional model of polysegmental ideal-elastic body is considered, movements of which in the free state are described by wave equation. Regimes of creeping without the loss of initial energy are examined, when the moments of attachment of the segment boundaries to the substrate are synchroneous with instantaneous stopping of free oscillations.(More)
Dynamic processes during the establishment of the uniform heart rhythm have been considered. It was shown that, during the establishment of the uniform rhythm as a result of mutual synchronization, the establishment of phase parities and a delay of excitation occur. The establishment of the uniform rhythm in a system of cooperating pacemakers of relaxation(More)
A mathematical substantiation of the method suggested by Hodkin and Huxley in 1952 for the identification of nonlinear systems is presented. A procedure for the application of this method was developed, which involves creating the structure of a mathematical model, carrying out a series of tests with specially chosen signals, and finding the unknown(More)
Synchronization effects of the second order induced by a change of the action potential (AP) shape in relation to the frequency of periodic stimulation were studied. Mechanism of anomalous increase of the synchronization band at periodic stimulation of the heart fibers was explained. By means of a modified method of synchronization diagrams the(More)
Principal physiological hypotheses concerning the setting of united rhythm in the heart sinoatrial node (SAN) are considered. A mathematical model of SAN is proposed which takes into account properties of individual elementary pacemakers and their interaction. Assuming paired interaction of the pacemakers there are revealed the main P.D. parameters,(More)
AIM 1) to create Perimitral Atrial Flutter (PMAFL) model and estimate theoretical probability of elimination of perimital reetntry using left atrial geometry two-dimensional mathematical modeling and ablative formatting; 2) to compare clinical results of PMAFL ablation by means of mitral vs inferioseptal isthmus ablation and mathematical modeling data. (More)