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Five hundred and thirty-two rodents (10 species) and 112 other wild mammals (six species) were examined for rabies infections in Egypt. Rabies virus was isolated from the brains of three (1-2%) of 249 Gerbils, Gerbillus gerbillus and one (1-8%) of 56 foxes, Vulpes species. In neutralization tests these isolates were found to be identical to classical rabies(More)
Brains and salivary glands of stray dogs, cats and wild mammals were examined for latent rabies virus. Sera of these animals were tested for rabits neutralizing antibody. Dogs and rodents of the gerbil species were experimentally infected with rabies viruses tryping to produce nonfatal rabies. The following conclusions are made: 1. Naturally occurring(More)
Thirteen (3%) of 441 patients had histoplasma antibodies in their sera when examined by the complement fixation test. The serologically histoplama positive individuals were all from a group of 266 patients complaining of chest disorders and from a sub-group of 147 such patients with positive findings on chest x-ray. There were no positives from a group of(More)
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