M. E. Isakova

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Early postoperative syndrome in oncological patients is accompanied by a pronounced increase of plasma β-endorphin irrespectively on the type of surgery. By contrast, chronic pain syndrome in incurable patients is characterized by a decrease of β-endorphin in the plasma and cerebrospinal fluid. In patients with early postoperative syndrome, efficient(More)
Peridural injections of morphine were given to 180 incurable cancer patients suffering chronic pain. The effectiveness of the said procedure as well as its side-effects were assessed. A relationship between the external respiration parameters, on the one hand, and drug dosage and time postinjection, on the other, was studied. The data obtained point to the(More)
There is history of the introduction and development of systemic and invasive opioid treatment of chronic cancer pain in Russia presented by the authors--experts with experience in thisfield over 30 years. The earliest researchers are no more among us, but their memory is still alive in the publications of the early 1980's. Along with the analysis of(More)