M E Guseva

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The aim of this study was to determine the role of the HLA-DRB1 gene [6p21] in susceptibility to juvenile MS (JMS) (age at onset < or =15 years) of children of Russian descent. Association of DR2(15) with JMS has been found by the comparison of patients with JMS with both unrelated and affected family-based healthy controls. The linkage of DR2(15) with JMS(More)
The frequency of multiple sclerosis (MS) with clinical onset before 16 years of age in different regions of Russia fluctuates from 2 to 10% of all MS patients. One of the most frequent signs of MS manifestation and/or exacerbation at this age is optic neuritis (ON). Forty-seven children with MS were observed in Moscow. Diagnosis of MS in every case was(More)
An unusual phase of carbon with the fcc crystal structure, the lattice constant of which is very close to that of diamond, was reported before in a number of publications. In all the published works, the existence of fcc carbon could not be unambiguously established, as only insignificant amounts of fcc carbon in mixture with other carbon modifications were(More)
c-BN coating with the thickness of 1 mm was produced on an Mo substrate. Arc-jet deposition was performed in a mixture of Ar and N/sub 2/ gases. h-BN was used as the precursor. The equipment included a W-hollow cathode with plasma density about 10/sup 14/ cm/sup -3/ at 200 A discharge current. The Ar pressure in the working chamber was 1 Torr and the(More)
Materials based on the linear chain carbon (sp-bonds between atoms) and their applications are described. Such materials were found to be promising biomaterials. The materials are produced by specific chemical and physical processes. Carbion (an improved analogue of carbylan) has a polymeric basis, bearing on its surface a linear-chain carbon layer with(More)
An open comparative study of efficacy and tolerability of velaxin (venlafaxine with prolonged action), which has been prescribed in a single dosage of 75 mg daily during 8 weeks, included 47 patients with subacute and chronic spondylogenic dorsopathy (SD). Degree of pain chronisation and its intensity (The Visual Analogous Scale - VAS and the Verbal Pain(More)
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