M E Fennelly

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Spinal motor evoked potentials (SMEP) were recorded from tibialis anterior muscle after epidural stimulation of the spinal cord at the low cervical or high thoracic level during scoliosis surgery. By using a double stimulus pulse to produce temporal summation within the spinal cord a maximal CMAP response was readily achieved despite good surgical(More)
The somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) recorded from the cervical epidural space in response to stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve is often used to monitor spinal cord integrity during scoliosis surgery. Epidural analgesia may be used as part of the anesthetic technique for scoliosis surgery, but the effects of the local analgesic on the evoked(More)
Midazolam was used for anaesthesia in 20 patients undergoing cardioversion; 10 received flumazenil, which caused immediate rapid reversal of anaesthesia, and these patients maintained SpO2 greater than 95%, breathing air, within 5-10 min. In contrast, patients in the placebo group were still partially sedated and required oxygen therapy for up to 2 h to(More)
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