M E Crawford

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We measured alterations in a noxious visceromotor reflex in rabbits subjected to intestinal distension, after i.m., extradural or intrathecal injection of midazolam or saline. Spinal catheters were inserted and tunnelled surgically and the animals allowed to recover for 2 weeks. A balloon catheter was placed in the distal part of the descending colon, in(More)
The rate of postoperative recovery is determined by pain, stress-induced organ dysfunction, and limitations in conventional postoperative care. We attempted to provide "stress-free" colonic resection for neoplastic disease in eight elderly high-risk patients by a combination of laparoscopically assisted surgery, epidural analgesia, and early oral nutrition(More)
Previous to October 1st, 1981, 8 major Danish anaesthesiological departments registered 105 patients treated with extradural opiates for a period of more than 7 days, partially or completely on outpatient basis. Ninety-four suffered from painful malignant diseases and 11 patients from various painful benign diseases. The mean period of treatment was 65 days(More)
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