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The possible action, as risk factor of peripheral arteriosclerosis, of the emotional stress; the effect of the social support to deaden this stress, and some aspects of the personality as fundamental regulator of the individual behaviour, are analyzed. 23 atherosclerotic patients, II degree, were valued and compared with a control group of the same age and(More)
Effects produced by different doses of Vit C (2, 3 and 4 gr/day) on lipoprotein and hepatic lipase activities were studied between a group of 35 ambulatory patients, men and women, affected by diabetes mellitus type II with macroangiopathy at lower limbs and/or food. The medium age of patients was 62 years, ranging from 44 to 82 years. Patients were(More)
In order to evaluate the results of the lumbar sympathectomy, we studied 49 patients in the National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery during two years. The hemodynamic tests were performed the day before and one month after the surgical intervention; they included: skin thermometry, measurement of arterial blood flow and resistance in the foot(More)
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