M E Bronner-Fraser

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Within the bilaterally symmetric vertebrate body plan, many organs develop asymmetrically. Here, it is demonstrated that a cell adhesion molecule, N-cadherin, is one of the earliest proteins to be asymmetrically expressed in the chicken embryo and that its activity is required during gastrulation for proper establishment of the left-right axis. Blocking(More)
The neural crest is a population of cells that forms at the junction between the epidermis and neural plate in vertebrate embryos. Recent progress has elucidated the identity and timing of molecular events responsible for the earliest steps in neural crest development, particularly those involving the induction and its migration. Concomitantly, advances(More)
Isotretinoin (13-cis-retinoic acid), an anti-acne medication, has been found to cause severe birth defects which affect the craniofacial elements, ear, heart, thymus, and central nervous system. Many of these structures receive contributions from the cranial neural crest. Here, we examine the possibility that these teratogenic effects are due to(More)
The avian ciliary ganglion is a parasympathetic ganglion derived from the neural crest whose neurons provide cholinergic innervation to the eye. Here, we describe the time course of appearance and the morphology of cholinergic cells in the ciliary ganglion, as assessed by antibodies against choline acetyltransferase. Choline acetyltransferase(More)
Several studies have suggested that the development of cholinergic properties in cranial parasympathetic neurons is determined by these cells' axial level of origin in the neural crest. All cranial parasympathetic neurons normally derive from cranial neural crest. Trunk neural crest cells give rise to sympathetic neurons, most of which are noradrenergic. To(More)
In a screen for genes involved in neural crest development, we identified DBHR (DBH-Related), a putative monooxygenase with low homology to dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH). Here, we describe novel expression patterns for DBHR in the developing embryo and particularly the neural crest. DBHR is an early marker for prospective neural crest, with earliest(More)
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