M. E. Benbouzid

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Most of faults in three-phase induction motors have relationship with airgap eccentricity. There are two forms of airgap eccentricity: static (SE) and dynamic (DE). According to the literatures, the well known signatures of dynamic eccentricity, on the stator current spectra , are sidebands around the principal slot harmonics (PSH). However, many other(More)
Swell is the main disturbance for marine tidal speed. The power harnessed by a marine current turbine (MCT) can be highly fluctuant due to swell effect. Conventional Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm will require the generator to accelerate/decelerate frequently under swell effect and therefore cause severe fluctuations in the generator power.(More)
—Tidal currents are being recognized as a resource for sustainable electrical power generation. However, the main challenge for marine current energy development is to minimize the operation costs and maintenance operations in the marine harsh environment. These worries are justified by the incident high rates on offshore wind turbine systems. Marine(More)
—This paper deals with the control strategies for a fixed-pitch marine current turbine (MCT) when the marine current speed exceeds the rated value corresponding to the rated power of generator and converter. Overrated marine currents occur at large spring tides or under strong sea states; in these cases maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies must be(More)
Cette étude traite de l'estimation de la fréquence fondamentale dans les réseaux électriques. Nous proposons trois estimateurs de la fréquence fondamentale exploitant conjointement la structure harmonique et la nature multidimensionnelle du signal. Les résultats de simulation montrent que ces techniques permettent d'obtenir une estimation précise de la(More)
In this paper, we presente a time-dependant model based on the Cummins formulation for a two body wave energy converter that consists of a cylindrical buoy sliding along a partially submerged platform made up of a plate and a column. This model is intended to be used for WEC control purposes in irregular wave conditions. Linear potential is assumed and a(More)
–Variations of marine current speed can lead to strong fluctuations in the power extracted by a marine current turbine (MCT). During short-time period, swell effect is the main cause for the current speed variations. Conventional tip speed ratio Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm will require the MCT to accelerate or to decelerate frequently(More)
Wind turbines proliferation in industrial and residential applications is facing the problem of maintenance and fault diagnosis. Periodic maintenances are necessary to ensure an acceptable life span. The aim of this work is to develop theoretical tools to diagnose the failure or the malfunction of the doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG). The diagnosis(More)
—Multiphase generators seems to be an interesting solution for variable-speed drive applications and particularly attractive for renewable energy generation. In this context, the performance of a five-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator are evaluated within a marine current turbine and compared to a classical three-phase generator. For both(More)
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