M. E. Benbouzid

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Most of faults in three-phase induction motors have relationship with airgap eccentricity. There are two forms of airgap eccentricity: static (SE) and dynamic (DE). According to the literatures, the well known signatures of dynamic eccentricity, on the stator current spectra, are sidebands around the principal slot harmonics (PSH). However, many other(More)
This paper describes a mathematical approach for modeling and analyzing the broken magnet defects in a PMSG used for Marine Current Turbine (MCT). The modeling of magnet defects is investigated by using the Magnetic Equivalent Circuit (MEC) method. The MEC is founded on the linear modeling of the PMSG. Owing to the flexibility of this technique, the stator(More)
This paper deals with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) driven by a Marine Current Turbine (MCT) through a PWM power rectifier and used for isolated sites. The generator model is established in the synchronous rotating dq reference frame. The control of the speed, the d-axis current, and the q-axis current is achieved using PI correctors.(More)
This paper describes a second-order sliding mode control for a permanent magnet synchronous generator-based marine current turbine dealing with the generator-side converter faulty conditions. Marine turbine system mainly used PI controllers. However, this type of controllers is unfortunately very sensitive to faulty conditions as those affect the system(More)
With ever-increasing concerns on energy issues, the development of renewable energy sources is becoming more and more attractive. This paper proposes a high performance power generations of hybrid System (Wind Turbine/Photovoltaic) driving Doubly Fed Induction Generator fed by three-level inverter (NPC) structure for. The proposed structure which can boost(More)
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