M E Bauer

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To determine if repeated administration of desipramine (DMI) or electroconvulsive shock (ECS) regulate uptake sites for norepinephrine (NE) in rat brain, the binding of [3H]nisoxetine ([3H]NIS) was measured using quantitative autoradiography. Groups of animals were given DMI intraperitoneally, either a single injection or repeated doses of 10 mg/kg once(More)
If agronomic variables related to yield could be reliably estimated from multispectral satellite data, then crop growth and yield models could be implemented for large areas. The objective of this experiment was to develop methods for combining spectral and meteorological data in crop yield models which are capable of providing accurate estimates of crop(More)
Development of a crops and soils field research data base was initiated in 1972 at Purdue University's Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing and expanded in the fall of 1974 by the NASA Johnson Space Center as part of the Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment. The primary purpose for the data base is to provide fully annotated and calibrated(More)
16. Abstract This report describes the experiment design, data acquisition and prepro-cessing, data base management, analysis results and development of instrumentation for the AgRISTARS Supporting Research Project, Field Research task. I t reports results of several investigations on the spectral reflectance of corn and soybean canopies as influenced by(More)
An experiment was conducted at West Lafayette, Indiana in 1979 to quantitatively describe the interaction of the solar illumination angle and row azimuth angle on the measured reflectance factor (RF) of soybean canopies consisting of 11 plots. Nine of the plots were planted in 71 cm wide rows; the other plots were of bare soil and soybeans with 100 percent(More)
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