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Outcomes of mandibular fractures were stated as frequent reason of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions. The objective of this study was to evaluate dynamical changes of occlusion and articulation during treatment of mandibular angle fractures. 12 subjects with mandibular angle fractures underwent analysis of occlusion and articulation in all stages of(More)
During 1985 June, July, August, and October, small air showers from the direction of Cygnus X-3 were observed using the University of Utah Fly's Eye. Useful spectral information was obtained from these showers. The combined data from 1985 June, July, and August show a 3.9 ó excess at 4.8 hr phase 0.65-0.70 for showers with energies above 100 TeV. The excess(More)
Hip dislocations are rare events. As a consequence, medical residents have little opportunity to gain experience through repeated practice. In fact, little is known about the forces and displacements that experienced physicians employ during the procedure. This study seeks to quantify the strategic maneuvering and substantial force required to reposition(More)
In the near future, upper limb prostheses may interface with peripheral nerves of amputees to help restore vital somatosensory feedback. Achieving that goal requires the transformation of forces artificially sensed in our environment into the depolarization of afferents, by delivering levels of charge adequate for signaling tactile sensory cues yet avoiding(More)
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