M. E. Balazs

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This thesis provides a novel approach to using data mining for e-commerce. The focus of our work is to apply association rule mining to collaborative recommender systems, which recommend articles to a user on the basis of other users' ratings for these articles as well as the similarities between this user's and other users' tastes. In this work, we propose(More)
combines the longest running conference in the field of evolutionary computation (ICGA) and the world's two largest EC conferences (GP and ICGA) to bring together the best in research in the growing field of genetic and evolutionary computation. Based on record-breaking submissions, GECCO-99 promises to be the largest conference ever held in the field of(More)
The basis of Knowledge Intensive CAD (KIC) is that " intensive life-cycle knowledge regarding products and design processes must be incorporated in the center of the CAD architecture. " We would like to extend this concept slightly by concentrating on the presentation of designs and design information to the designer. In this we argue that knowledge about(More)
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