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A series of n-monoalkyl maleates and n-mono-, di-, and methyl n-alkyl fumarates were prepared, 18 esters of each, with R = CH3 to C18H37. Their activity against Clostridium botulinum was determined in culture medium. The n-monoalkyl maleates and fumarates possessed significant activity, particularly those esterified with higher C13 to C18 alcohols. Somewhat(More)
Twelve straight-chain esters, C(5) to C(14), C(16), and C(18), of p-hydroxybenzoic acid were prepared, and their melting points, solubilities in water at 25 degrees C, infrared spectra, dissociation constants (pK(a)), and activities against Clostridium botulinum were determined. These studies also included four commercial straight-chain esters, C(1) to(More)
A number of 5-nitrothiazoles with various substituents in the 2-position were tested for inhibition of Clostridium botulinum in a culture medium. Thiazole itself or 2-bromo- or 2-methylthiazole at 30 mug/ml did not inhibit the organism. An amino group in the 2-position of thiazole inhibited at 10 mug/ml. Substitution of a nitro group in the 5-position of(More)
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