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A compact scanning force microscope has been developed for in situ combination with nanofocused X-ray diffraction techniques at third-generation synchrotron beamlines. Its capabilities are demonstrated on Au nano-islands grown on a sapphire substrate. The new in situ device allows for in situ imaging the sample topography and the crystallinity by recording(More)
Interfaces between polarity domains in nitride semiconductors, the so-called Inversion Domain Boundaries (IDB), have been widely described, both theoretically and experimentally, as perfect interfaces (without dislocations and vacancies). Although ideal planar IDBs are well documented, the understanding of their configurations and interactions inside(More)
Time-averaged images of the magnetization within single-layer spin-transfer oscillators have been obtained using the holography with extended reference by autocorrelation linear differential operator technique. Transport measurements on a Pd(5)-Cu(20)-Ni81Fe19(7)-Cu(2)-Pd(2) (in nanometers) stack with a 100 nm diameter nanocontact reveal the presence of(More)
Structural quality and stability of nanocrystals are fundamental problems that bear important consequences for the performances of small-scale devices. Indeed, at the nanoscale, their functional properties are largely influenced by elastic strain and depend critically on the presence of crystal defects. It is thus of prime importance to be able to monitor,(More)
Crystal defects induce strong distortions in diffraction patterns. A single defect alone can yield strong and fine features that are observed in high-resolution diffraction experiments such as coherent X-ray diffraction. The case of face-centred cubic nanocrystals is studied numerically and the signatures of typical defects close to Bragg positions are(More)
Crystallographic defects such as dislocations can significantly alter material properties and functionality. However, imaging these imperfections during operation remains challenging due to the short length scales involved and the reactive environments of interest. Bragg coherent diffractive imaging (BCDI) has emerged as a powerful tool capable of(More)
The magnetisation dynamics of the vortex core and Landau pattern of magnetic thin-film elements has been studied using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator (HERALDO). Here we present the first time-resolved x-ray measurements using this technique and investigate the structure and dynamics of the domain walls(More)
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