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The use of a sequential polymerization method for preparing interpenetrating polymer networks with biocomatible surfaces has been studied. A hydrogel monomer was made to undergo polymerization with simultaneous cross-link formation, in the presence of a swollen thermoplastic elastomer heterophase block copolymer. On removal of the swelling solvent, an(More)
OBJECTIVE During the first half of the 20th century, scalp irradiation was a standard treatment for children suffering from Tinea Capitis. These children are now more than 50 years old, reaching the age when manifestations of atherosclerosis are common. We investigated the possible association between childhood low dose scalp irradiation and development of(More)
A two component femoral head prosthesis consisting of a metal femoral stem with a small low friction head and HDP cup fitting the acetabulum was used in 80 patients with intra-articular femoral neck fracture; this allowed immediate and relatively painless ambulation and weight bearing. Most of the movement occurs between the stem and cup, so the pain in the(More)
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