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During the month of Ramadan 1417H we studied 14 patients all transplanted with live related kidneys. All the patients were transplanted between one and seven months before the month of Ramadan. All the patients were on azathioprine and prednisolone and the mean plasma creatinine level was 95 +/- 15 micromol/L. They all completed fasting the month of Ramadan(More)
Feature Selection is an important task which can affect the performance of pattern classification and recognition. In this paper, we present a feature selection algorithm based on genetic algorithm optimization. The algorithm adopts classifier performance and the number of the selected features as heuristic information, and selects the optimal feature(More)
This paper firstly presents a modelling and simulation study concerning the occurrence of airgap eccentricity in three-phase induction motors. For that purpose, the winding function approach is considered. Then, the instantaneous non-active power signature analysis is used as a new tool for the detection of mixed airgap eccentricity condition in operating(More)