M. Donald MacLaren

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A previously undescribed isoelectric focusing technology allows cell signaling to be quantitatively assessed in <25 cells. High-resolution capillary isoelectric focusing allows isoforms and individual phosphorylation forms to be resolved, often to baseline, in a 400-nl capillary. Key to the method is photochemical capture of the resolved protein forms. Once(More)
This paper discusses the testing of methods for generating uniform mlml)crs in a computer-the commonly used multiplicative and mixed congruential generators as well ks two new methods. Tests proposed here are more stringent than those usually applied, because ~he usual tests for randomness have passed severa:l of the commonly used procedures which(More)
A method is proposed for internal sorting which has the property that the expected time required per record, to sort <italic>n</italic> records with random keys, is a bounded function of <italic>n</italic>. Moreover the storage required in addition to that for the records is only 2<italic>n</italic> address fields. It appears that the method may be a good(More)
Phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation of keratin 18 (K18) are highly dynamic and involve primarily independent K18 populations. We used in vitro phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation of wild-type, phospho-Ser52, glyco-Ser48, and Ser-to-Ala mutant 17mer peptides (K18 amino acids 40-56), which include the major K18 glycosylation (Ser48) and phosphorylation(More)
The safety and pharmacodynamic compatibility of clopidogrel with medications commonly used in patients with atherosclerosis, such as, a beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist (atenolol) and a calcium uptake inhibitor (nifedipine) were assessed. Atenolol and nifedipine interactions with clopidogrel were studied in patients with peripheral arterial obstructive(More)
The PL/I language's facilities for handling exceptional conditions are analyzed. The description is based on the new PL/I standard. Special attention is given to fine points which are not well known. The analysis is generally critical. It emphasizes problems in regards to implementation and structured programming. A few suggestions for future language(More)
This paper describes the implementation of inline procedures and functions inthe VAXELN Pascal compiler. Inline expansion translates the reverse Polish text produced by the parser into an intermediate language like that used in the VAX-11 PL/I and C compilers. The paper gives detailed descriptions of the front end's organization as it relates to inline(More)