M Dolores Marcos

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The finding of natural infection of Rattus rattus by Fasciola hepatica on Corsica has stimulated further research into the role of the black rat in the epidemiology of fascioliasis. Corsican black rats were experimentally individually infected with 20 metacercariae from cattle and murine isolates obtained from naturally infected bovines and black rats. The(More)
A morphological study of adult liver flukes and eggs from sheep in a human fascioliasis endemic zone in the Northern Bolivian Altiplano showed that they belong to the species Fasciola hepatica. An exhaustive morphometric comparison with a F. hepatica population from Spanish sheep was made using image analysis and an allometric model: (y2m-y2)/y2 =(More)
This paper describes the design of new controlled delivery systems consisting of a mesoporous support functionalized on the pore outlets with a certain hapten able to interact with an antibody that acts as a nanoscopic cap. The opening protocol and delivery of the entrapped guest is related by a displacement reaction involving the presence in the solution(More)
A strategy for the rational design of a new optical sensor material for the selective recognition of long-chain carboxylates in water is presented. The approach relies on the combination of structure-property relationships to single out the optimal molecular sensor unit and the tuning of the sensing characteristics of an inorganic support material. A(More)
Within nanotechnology, gold and silver nanostructures have unique physical, chemical, and electronic properties [1,2], which make them suitable for a number of applications. Moreover, biosynthetic methods are considered to be a safer alternative to conventional physicochemical procedures for both the environmental and biomedical applications, due to their(More)