M. Dolores López

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This paper considers a problem of political economy in which a Nash equilibrium study is performed in a proposed game with restrictions where the two major parties in a country vary their position within a politically flexible framework to increase their number of voters. The model as presented fits the reality of many countries. Moreover, it avoids the(More)
With their extraordinary species richness and diversity in ecological traits and social systems, bats are a promising taxon for testing socio-ecological hypotheses in order to get new insights into the evolution of animal social systems. Regarding its roosting habits, proboscis bats form an extreme by occupying sites which are usually completely exposed to(More)
Spatial models of two-player competition in spaces with more than one dimensión almost never have pure-strategy Nash equilibria, and the study of the equilibrium positions, if they exist, yields a disappointing result: the two players must choose the same position to achieve equilibrium. In this work, a discrete game is proposed in which the existence of(More)
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