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Integrins play an essential role in endothelial cell motility processes during angiogenesis and thus present interesting targets for the development of new anti-angiogenic agents. Snake venoms naturally contain a variety of proteins that can affect integrin-ligand interactions. Recently, the C-type lectin proteins (CLPs) have been characterized as efficient(More)
W e are very grateful to Bambini-Junior et al. (1) for raising the issues of (i) the long-lasting effect on behavior of bumetanide pretreatment in rodent models of autism, (ii) the long-lasting effect on behavior of blocking oxytocin signaling in naïve mothers during the delivery period, and (iii) the sex-dependent response to bumetanide treatment. We are(More)
The effects of extracellular volume expansion (EVE) on the major sodium transport systems and sodium and potassium contents in rat erythrocytes have been examined in the present study. Study has been performed in anesthetized Wistar rat weighing about 300 g. Acute extracellular volume expansion (EVE) was induced by a constant intravenous saline infusion (3%(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the level of therapeutic inertia (TI), and the factors associated to the patient, doctor and the health organisation, in hypertensive patients treated in Primary Care (PC). DESIGN Cross-sectional, multicentre study. SETTING A sample of PC Teams from all over Spain. PARTICIPANTS The study was conducted among PC doctors using a(More)
We present a general strategy for the dominant negative reduction in the levels of type-1 membrane-bound heterodimeric proteins within the secretory pathway through fusion of the soluble ectodomain of one of the partners to the transmembrane-cytosolic tail of the lysosomal protein Lamp1. Thus, in human embryonic kidney (HEK)-293 cells, overexpression of an(More)
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